SAFESUSTAIN is  health and safety solutions company providing safety supplies and equipment, providing rapid antigen based COVID-19 testing (SAFESUSTAIN LTD. is listed on Ontario suppliers directory) and providing sector-specific health and safety guidance that ensure compliance and protects companies and their employees from health and safety costs. We provide professional health and safety solutions for Small, Medium and Large Enterprises.

Our Mission

To provide innovative and practical health and safety solutions that reduce our client occupational health & safety  liabilities.

Our Vision

To be the most reliable, trusted and consistent health and safety service provider.

Our Values

Service Quality – We measure our performance on client satisfaction. We take an all-inclusive approach to your company health and safety concerns and deliver the optimum solution.

Timely Delivery – We hold ourselves accountable for timely delivery.

Innovative Approach – We collaborate and invest in new technologies to meet our client need. We integrate health and safety within your company culture to ensure that your company stays a leader in your sector.

Email us info@safesustain.com or call us at (416) 822-7110 for your company service need.