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We want to reassure you that SAFESUSTAIN is here to help. If you are looking for safety supplies, rapid Antigen based COVID-19 tests, sector-specific COVID-19 health and safety guidance, fit testing, Drone inspection service and safety training we are available to provide the support you need. You can speak directly to our consultants, call us at (416) 822-7110 during business hours or email  us or come to our office. We are also happy to offer limited office visit, virtual consulting and training options to meet the demands.

Are you feeling the pressure and experiencing the challenges of complying with Local, Provincial and Federal legislation? These combined with the daily challenges of demanding business can be overwhelming… doesn’t have to be that way! SAFESUSTAIN will help.

Get in touch today to find out more about our services. With years of experience in the industry we are market leader in safety. We offer free initial telephone consultation that will help us to understand your needs and for you to understand our services before we take the next steps together.

We will help you to ensure your business is operating in full compliance with Local, Provincial and Federal regulations. Call us today at (416) 822-7110 to learn more about our services.


We have flexible business models ranging from customized project specific service, fee-for-service and partnership opportunities. Please reach out to find out what is the most suitable model for your need and the size of your business.

Your business can benefit from a selection of the following services:

  • Free initial discussion with our Consultant.
  • Safety supplies at competitive price. 
  • You are entitled to designate our certified safety professionals as your corporate health, safety and environmental contact.
  • An unlimited gateway to professional advice via telephone, email and webex as required answering your health and safety queries.
  • Regular newsletter’s providing updates on who’s in court, regulation changes, tips and articles etc.
  • Full training service or discount on our health and safety training courses.
  • Available consultants to carry out inspections.
  • Available consultants to carry out investigations.
  • Available consultants to carry out audits.
  • Available professionals to attend scheduled meetings to discuss and advise

Email us or call us at (416) 822-7110 for your company service need.